Custom Items

Starlight and Sparkles does not currently offer completely custom polishes or jewelry, however, we can offer a degree of customization on existing items.  
For polishes, alterations using existing components of current Starlight Polishes may be available.  Examples would be increasing the amount of pigment (usually requested for Mythological polishes), swapping one pigment for another (like using Unicorn pigment in Slate Fire instead of Phoenix pigment), or combining components already used in current Starlight Polishes (like combining the holo flakes of Make It Sparkle with the iridescent glitter from Venusian Aurora and the shimmer from Emerald).  
For jewelry, pendants with components used in current Starlight Polishes may be possible.  For example, a pendant made with Phantom pigment, or with a combination of Phoenix pigment and the glass flecks from Silence Glaive.  
Double pigment versions of the "Mythological Creatures" and "Mythological Phantasms" top coats are available on the site here: "Mythological Make It A Double."  Turnaround times for orders including any of these polishes is 10 business days.  
Alterations carry additional fees and increased processing times.  Acceptance of requests for customized or altered items is solely at our discretion.  Please be sure to discuss your desired alterations with us before placing an order, as we may be unable to accept requests made after orders are placed.  
Please email us at, or use the "Contact Us" form on the website for requests or additional information.